Before searching, verify the following entries:

  • Category: -Select One-
  • Course Title: (leave blank to see all)
  • Time Preference: All Times
  • Course Format: Classroom Only
  • Keyword: -Select One-
  • Day Preference: Both

To sign up for a class select REGISTER for the desired class. (It will be to the right of the class title under ACTIONS.)

You will be redirected to the
American Red Cross Learning Center homepage, where you will LOGIN or register as a NEW USER. (Please note that if you are registering someone else, like your child, please create the account in his/her name. This allows the course, transcripts and all certifications to be credited to the right person.) The USERNAME can be the student's email address or their first and last name with no space, if they do not have an email address.

The Create Order screen will appear. Verify that the title for the class is selected, along with the correct time, date and amount. If so, select CONFIRM.

For billing information, enter the method of payment, such as CREDIT CARD. Follow the prompts to enter your card information. If the address on the credit card is the same as the billing address, then select COPY ADDRESS. Then select SUBMIT.

You will be returned to the Create Order screen, and it should indicate that payment is received. If so, select PLACE ORDER.

The Registration Confirmation page will appear. If you want a receipt, select the upper right corner of the screen for the PRINT FRIENDLY VERSION.

To double-check if you are registered, select the MY LEARNING tab on the upper left corner of the page. Your class should be listed under the cataloged enrollments


Please make sure to register as the class participant (first and last name), since the LMS system is solid proof for the rest of his/her life that he/she has taken the class. The name of the registered user will be printed on the certificate. Do NOT create an account with your name if you are not taking a class. You may use any e-mail account as the contact e-mail.

A screen similar to the one below will be displayed:

Start here to view the schedule of upcoming classes offered at both

Camp Foster and Kadena:

The Red Cross Learning Center website (SABA) enables you to search for classes, view schedules, and register as a student. Follow the instructions below.   Problems or questions?  Call or stop by our office.

Class Registration

Training and Certification

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