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The American Red Cross and 3D Dental Battalion offer a free six-month dental assistant training program to SOFA status volunteers.  The program begins with two weeks of intense in-classroom training, followed by 650 hours of clinical training. Participants of the program are trained in a range of areas from administrative operations, operative density to specialty areas such as prosthodontics and oral surgery. Participants will also meet periodically throughout the program with their peers to discuss additional dental assisting topics, share experiences, and cover any questions and concerns that may arise. 

This is a non-licensing course.

The Dental Assistant Training Program is currently reviewing applications for the upcoming class. The timeline for this class is as follows:

Applications open February 10th 2017 
Applications close March 3rd 2017
All applications must be received by 1630  March 3rd 2017 to be considered
Interviews will be conducted one day during the week of March 6th 2017
Selected candidates will be notified by close of business on march 13th 2017 
Classroom training will begin April 17th 2017
Clinic training will begin May 1st 2017

Dental Assistant Training Program

Program Schedule

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