​DSN: 645-3800   Cell: 098-970-3800


1-877-272-7337 in USA or 877-272-7337 in Okinawa from a class A DSN line.

You may also contact the Camp Foster Office or the Kadena AB Office for assistance.

What is a Red Cross Message?

Service to the Armed Forces Emergency Communications provide objective, timely, confidential, factual, complete and verified information about emergency or potential emergency situations involving service members and their immediate family members to enable service members and military authorities to make informed decisions.

What we define as an emergency: a sudden, generally unexpected, occurrence of a time-critical and short term nature that disrupts or threatens to disrupt the norm and that demands immediate action or attention; death, serious illness, life-threatening situations as well as the good news of the birth of a child.

Who Is Eligible to Initiate a Red Cross Message?

Active Duty
DOD Civilians
and dependents of all these.

To Initiate A Red Cross Message From CONUS

Call 1-877-272-7337 which is a toll free number to the Service to the Armed Forces Center and they will help your family in initiating a Red Cross message.

To Initiate A Red Cross Message From Okinawa

Call 877-272-7337 from any A class DSN phone line.

Have the following necessary information ready for Red Cross in order to initiate an emergency message.

  • Who is the emergency regarding and their relationship to the service member (i.e. mother, father, brother, sister, grandparents).
  • What Type of emergency (i.e. death, illness, disaster, child care breakdown, etc.).
  • Where is the location of the emergency.
  • When did the emergency occur. Is there a time table of other events in conjunction with the emergency (i.e. funeral arrangements, etc.)
  • Who is and How can the Local Point Of Contact be reached (i.e. a family member that is in the area and/or knows all the information regarding the emergency) be reached. Telephone number and relationship of Local Point Of Contact.
  • Medical Authority, if applicable, the doctor's name, hospital name, address and if possible the telephone number to either the doctor or the hospital.
  • Medical Release if it is regarding the release of medical information please have the family contact the doctor so that the family can sign a release form (HIPPA Statement) so when the local Red Cross calls the doctor or the hospital the medical information needed can be released right away.

Additionally we will need the service member's current contact information:

  • Sponsor's Name
  • Rank
  • Social Security Number
  • Branch Of Service
  • Service member's unit or military address including FPO/APO number (not your PSC Box number).
  • If service member is forward deployed, please tell us where and with what unit.

Additional Information

Once the Red Cross message is received it will be passed to the unit S-1 (Admin Office) or First Seargent. We will call by phone to pass to the unit the case number and contents of the Red Cross message. We also request, once you have received your Red Cross message, that you call our office to confirm receipt of the message and whether or not you require any further assistance.

Leave policy is directed by your unit and not by the American Red Cross. The case number is what will be used for your leave orders. The American Red Cross does not ordinarily give out hard copies of the Red Cross message.

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