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Why donate blood?

When: Thursday February 1, 2018

Time: 1000-1400

Base: Kadena

Unit: 353 SOSS/OBZ

Location: Building 3524

Blood Services Chair - Volunteer Opportunity (currently filled)

You can also check out other upcoming blood drives taking place at other bases by visiting the USPACOM Facebook!

​Because your donation can save lives for our military and for our communities. Maybe a special someone you know might need blood someday. The list continues on.​​

The American Red Cross MCB Butler is the proud partner of the U.S. Pacific Command Armed Service Blood Bank Center Okinawa (USPACOM ASBB). They host blood drives every month. You can check out their Facebook page for their scheduled date, time, and locations of their blood drive.

You can make a difference by donating blood. Type O blood types are especially need.

​Give Blood

Upcoming Blood Drive

Give Blood

The American Red Cross MCB Butler also has a volunteer opportunity for those who want to be involved in the blood drive. This opportunity is one of the HOT opportunities. Collaborate with USPACOM to organize blood drives for Red Cross. Assist volunteers, including phlebotomists, volunteering with USPACOM. 

For other volunteer opportunities, click HERE.