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Application for Program

The Medical Assistant Training Program will start accepting applications from 09 November- 25 November 2016.

Program Dates:​ March 6th 2017- June 2nd 2017 (tentatively). 

 Please contact our office for further details.

Program Schedule

Program Details

The American Red Cross and US Naval Hospital offer the opportunity for free Medical Assistant training to Red Cross volunteers. During this training, Red Cross volunteers learn the basic skills necessary to work at the Naval Hospital. It includes THREE (3) weeks of intense classroom training followed by 300 hours of clinical training. This is a non-licensing course.

An interview of the candidates takes place prior to the start of the program, and, due to limited space, approximately 15 candidates are selected into the program.

(Eligible candidates not selected may re-apply for the next program)

Medical Assistant Apprenticeship Training Program