The American Red Cross would like to be a part of your Okinawa experience. Whether you are here for a short time or an extended time, whether you are a first time volunteer or an experienced volunteer continuing to serve, the American Red Cross Camp Foster and those who benefit from your service will appreciate your time and sacrifice. Welcome to Okinawa!

There are many volunteer opportunities available to serve the community and gain work experience, everything from administrative and personnel management to assisting medical personnel and teaching. We have a variety of training programs including working as a Dental Assistant, Disaster Services, Instructor/Trainer, Emergency preparedness and Service to the Armed Forces. Check out our list of opportunities for examples of potential volunteer opportunities.

Thank you for volunteering with American Red Cross, we value you as part of our Red Cross team!

✚ Fill in your information and click "Create My Red Cross ID"

✚ Select the large red button that says "Find Opportunities and apply"

 Select any position and "Apply Now" (If you don't see a position that fits you, no worries, just select anything! We will learn more about your interests down the road, this is just a required step to get to the application.)

✚ You will then be prompted to complete the application (Step 2: entering address and phone number) or sign in with your Red Cross ID.


​DSN: 645-3800   Cell: 098-970-3800

All volunteers are required to have a background check and complete orientation before they can volunteer.

VOLUNTEER ORIENTATION: Join us every THURSDAY at 11:45am for Volunteer Orientation at the Camp Foster Office Bldg 5674. Learn about volunteer opportunities and how you can help the American Red Cross in Okinawa. 

Become a Volunteer

The first step to becoming a Red Cross volunteer is to register online with that big red button!

​Volunteers can change the office they are associated with through their Volunteer Connection account if necessary. Volunteers under the age of 18 will be registered as a Youth in Volunteer Connection and will not be required to complete a background check.