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The American Red Cross would like to be a part of your Okinawa experience! Whether you are here for a short time or an extended time, whether you are a first time volunteer or an experienced volunteer continuing to serve, the American Red Cross Okinawa Chapter and those who benefit from your service, will appreciate your time and sacrifice. Welcome to Okinawa! 

There are many volunteer opportunities available to serve the community and gain work experience in everything from administrative skills, to assisting medical personnel and teaching. We have a variety of training opportunities available through different programs such as Dental Assistant Program, Disaster Action Team, CPR Instructors, or Service to the Armed Forces Casework. Check out our list of volunteer opportunities for detailed position descriptions.

Thank you for choosing to volunteer with American Red Cross. We value you as part of our Red Cross team!

Volunteer with the American Red Cross in Okinawa

How to Become a Volunteer

The first step to becoming a volunteer is to create a volunteer account on Volunteer Connection!

Click on the "Create Volunteer Account!" button below.

To register as a volunteer for American Red Cross Okinawa, input the following information at sign-up:

  • Zipcode: Kadena-96367, Foster-96373

  • City: APO

  • State: Armed Forces Pacific, AP

  • Country: USA

  • Email: you may use a military email, however a civilian email is recommended for ease of access and to ensure you receive all notifications from the American Red Cross.

All volunteers are required to have a background check and complete in person orientation before they can volunteer. A photo ID will also be requested for authentication; a state ID or driver’s license will suffice.Volunteers under the age of 18 will be registered as Youth in Volunteer Connection and require signed Parent/Guardian consent forms in place of a background check.

Once you have created a Volunteer Connection account, it can be transferred to wherever you move to!

Need your account reactivated or transferred to/from a different chapter?


The information on this form helps us to avoid delays in locating, reactivating, and/pr transferring your American Red Cross Volunteer Connection account.

Your request has been submitted!


Volunteers can change the office they are associated with

through the Volunteer Connection account, or by submitting the request form below.

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